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“Worry Free” « Corey Evan | Worship Leader


“Worry Free”

Have you ever gone into the bank, filled out a deposit slip, handed it over the counter to the teller, and said: “I’m really worried that I can’t pay all my bills this month”, and had the teller deposit that into your account? No?? Hmmm……..Have you ever had a doctor prescribe 500mgs of anxiety in a bottle to cure an illness? Maybe your employer chose not to lay you off during a downsizing of the company simply because he heard you were worried you might lose your job. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that no one reading this has ever had any of this happen to them.

Most of you reading this have probably read or heard the words of Jesus in Matthew 6 when He tells His disciples that they can’t add any value to their lives by worrying, but that hasn’t stopped any of us from worrying anyway. We worry we won’t have enough money. We worry someone in our family will be injured, sick or worse. We worry that people won’t accept us. We worry we aren’t performing well on our jobs, and on and on the list goes. No one enjoys worrying, but somehow we feel as if worry will save us. We feel that worry will empower us, or like a good guard dog, chase away the danger. The truth is, worry is worthless. It is incapable generating skill, resources, or health. It doesn’t make us better at our job. It doesn’t increase our bank accounts. It won’t protect our families. So, why worry at all?

The Bible gives us an alternative to worry. It encourages us to pray about everything instead of worrying about anything. Give God permission to handle your situation by telling Him your concerns through prayer. God is ready to help, and He already knows what you need before you ask Him. I encourage you to try praying every time you feel anxiety over something today. Replace worry with prayer for one day. It may sound simple or childish, but I would wager it’s more effective than trying to deposit worry into your bank account.