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Tiger Woods?? « Corey Evan | Worship Leader


Tiger Woods??

So, I planned on doing a “Tiger Woods blog”, but I had a dream last night that I feel compelled to share. Some of you reading this may think by the end of this that I should have stuck with the Tiger blog, but who asked you?

I had a dream that had all the elements of a good horror flick. I found myself feeling fear in the air as myself and several other people were standing in a junk yard with debris all around us. As we were standing there I noticed a guy who just seemed to know something that the rest of us didn’t know. As I was noticing this guy, all of a sudden there was a video that played for all of us of a maniac who was threatening to kill all of us one by one. The man on the screen looked like Anthony Hopkins from “Silence of the Lambs”, and he would turn and spit on the ground as he spoke. He said: “I’m going to kill you all by name without warning”. I felt overwhelmed with fear, and we all scattered frantically to find places to hide and began attacking each other in the process. In the midst of our hiding I noticed that the guy from the beginning of the dream was moving around in the open and not hiding. He looked like he was up to something, and he had no fear of the killer who’s threat was so intimidating to the rest of us. I found a shotgun and a great place to hide that I was certain would protect me, but something inside of me said: “stay by the side of the man who knows something you don’t”. I reluctantly gave up my hiding place and followed the guy who seemed to know something I didn’t. As I got closer to the man moving out in the open with no fear of the eminent danger that loomed over all of us something truly anticlimactic happened. I woke up.

The Bible describes Satan as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. I watch a lot of Animal Planet, and I am always fascinated by the lion studies they show.  I’m no zoologist by any means, but I do know that no hunter makes a lot of noise before attacking prey. If Satan is described as a “roaring” lion, then the Bible isn’t telling us that he is lurking in the tall brush about to pounce. Satan is theatrical. He shouts loudly that he has the power to harm us, but really has none and knows it. In my dream the threat of danger made me run and hide until I realized that the best way to avoid the fate of death was to stick close to the guy who knew better than I did. In my life the same holds true. God knows better than I do, and I can choose to hide in the corner behind my fears, insecurities, sin, and shame or I can get out in the open with Him and find safety.

You may at this point be saying to yourself: “He should’ve stuck with the Tiger Woods idea”. Again, I would say to you: “who asked you”. I believe in my heart that someone needed to hear this today. I almost stopped writing this, but something in me said keep going. I pray that you that are reading this hear your Father say that you don’t have to hide anymore. Come out in the open with me and I will keep you safe. God bless you my friend.

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  • julie


    this was so good baby. thank you!