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Stay Sober

I recently saw a news story in which a woman fell onto some train tracks at a train station in New York City. They showed video of this woman falling onto the tracks and footage of some of the other folks waiting for the train frantically waving at the train operator to stop. I kept thinking to myself as I saw this woman, “what kind of fool would….”, and then the report revealed that it was ten o’clock at night and that this woman had just come from a party. She was drunk, and she is fortunate to be alive today.

Obviously, people are safer, sharper, and less dangerous when they are not drunk, and drinking in excess followed by driving has always been condemned by our society. I guess now we should look at how safe it is to take the train when intoxicated as well, however this isn’t a rant about drinking or the dangers of being drunk. The apostle Peter instructs us to stay sober, but not in reference to abstaining from alcohol.

In 1Peter 5:8 the Bible teaches us to be sober in our minds,and the placement of this scripture is remarkably interesting given that it is between a couple of the most quoted scriptures in Christianity. Before the instruction to be sober, the Bible tells us to “cast our cares”, and after it tells us that the enemy of our souls is “prowling like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour”.

One of the definitions of sober is “free from excess”. If we were to apply that definition to the scripture it would read: “Keep your mind free from excess” or “Don’t let your mind get bogged down with clutter”.  If we take a look at the whole picture of 1Peter 5:7-8, bearing in mind the definition of sober, we could read: “Cast all of your anxiety, fear, stress, worries, and confusion on Him because He cares for you. Keep your mind free from clutter and excess because your enemy is looking for an occasion to destroy your life”

Peter, the most famous of the twelve disciples, no doubt had the words of Jesus in mind when he wrote this passage of scripture. Jesus, in John chapter 14 told the disciples that the enemy was coming, but that he would find nothing in Jesus to use against Him. I believe Peter was warning us not to allow fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, stress, sin, or shame to stay in our minds. Jesus knew that allowing these things that the enemy can use against us to stay in our minds would ultimately lead to our down fall, and He taught this to Peter. Satan doesn’t destroy lives with tools from the outside, but rather with tools he finds in us. He uses tools like fear, tools like hatred, bitterness, or stress to devour us, and so the Bible warns us to keep the excess out of our thoughts. The Bible warns us to stay sober.

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  • Clarissa


    Wow... thanks for writing that. I definitely needed to hear that today.