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I don’t wanna stop « Corey Evan | Worship Leader


I don’t wanna stop

So there we were singing: I just wanna worship You all my days……. when suddenly something incredible happened. I’ve been leading worship from a platform since like 1996 when I was on “side worship” at Crosscurrent back in Rockford, Illinois, and I’ve never been in a room where the people on the floor took worship and owned it the way the students at Oxygen did on this past weekends fall retreat.

It was Saturday night and the team and I were expecting the atmosphere to be charged as it always is on the last night of a weekend where we do  nothing but focus on God and His plan for our lives. The students were ready, we were ready, and I knew God was ready, He always is. I prayed that we would experience an “all of a sudden” moment in worship. I prayed that Saturday, October 31st would be the beginning of a testimony for somebody.

It’s not something that we readily admit, but I think most of us believe that we can predict how and when God will show up. Most of us who have been in church for a while can probably tell you what He will do when He shows up, or so we think. This night I chose to believe that I didn’t know anything. I chose to believe that God still does miracles, and that He will do them whenever and where ever we will let Him.

So there we were singing: “I just wanna worship You all my days, lift my hands and give You praise, I don’t wanna Stop, I don’t wanna Stop…” We sing that song a lot and it never seems to get old, so it was no shock that people were shouting, clapping, crying, and jumping. It was a surprise, however, that after the band and I finished that song, the students went into their own song, with one voice, seemingly at the same time, and all singing in the same key.

They started singing: “wonderful, beautiful, glorious……” which for anyone who cares to know, is in a totally different time signature than the previous song. The tempo change for a group of mostly non musicians and singers was incredible to me. It was as if God began to orchestrate His own worship to Himself. The students on the floor led  the platform in worship for another 30 minutes after worship was “over”. It’s incredible because, lots of times worship leaders are trying to “get” people to worship, this weekend by God’s own hand, we spent the better part of 30 minutes wondering if they would stop.


  • Will


    I absolutely love that song. It is so pure and straight from the heart. I heard it at Praise Gathering with I believe your brother leading it. Keep up the obedient heart you clearly have for God to work through you.

  • Darryn Glass


    I heard this song at Youth camp this year when I took our youth group, and I have been searching for it ever since. Can you tell me the name of this song and where I can find a chord chart?

  • nick


    What is the name of this song, and who sings it?

  • Mo


    what is the name of that song??? i cant find it!

  • Mo



  • coreyevan


    Mo, the song is called "just wanna worship you" you can download a recording of it on itunes. It was only a bonus track on the album, but we are planning to remix it this summer and put it on youtube.

  • Mo


    thanks so much! that song is so powerful