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Well Done « Corey Evan | Worship Leader


Well Done

We sing a song called “Well Done” that is one of my favorite songs the band and I sing. The song is about the moment that all Christians look forward to. The moment when we see Jesus face to face and hear the Father say “I’m proud of you”. I get chills thinking about it!

I imagine a moment when all of the saints from all generations are gathered in this auditorium full of light and the noise of thankful millions just glad to be there. I can imagine there are angels flying around, and music playing. Hopefully God will let me sing a couple tunes. Maybe Not Afraid or something with the band and a few of the more talented Angels. I’d really like for Jesus to do the rap. That’d be so hot!  Sorry, total side bar. I gotta start a new paragraph now.

Anyway, I imagine all this sort of rumbling is going on. Like the noise of full baseball stadium between pitches or innings. Everyone is looking around and meeting people they had read about in the scriptures, reuniting with people who had gone on before them, some folks even thanking a friend or family member for praying that they would make it in. Then I picture a trumpet sounding. I can see big golden doors open and a figure standing in the doorway like a bride about to walk the aisle to her groom. In that moment I can almost hear the cheers, the tearful exclamations of thanks as the announcement is made that this figure standing in the doorway about to walk in is Jesus.

What a glorious moment! What a glorious day, when we can point to Him and tell those around us on that day: “He washed my sins away”. Tears streaming down our faces I imagine we will all say to Jesus: “Well done, well done”