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There’s an app for that « Corey Evan | Worship Leader


There’s an app for that

Innovative thinking and creative engineering has made seemingly anything possible these days. It seems there is an “app” for everything these days. I mean, seriously, from stud finders, to restaurant locators, to jedi light sabers and stun gun apps, there really is a “man made” solution for everything. No wonder we have a hard time believing in supernatural things anymore. 

If Jesus lived in our day and did some of the things he did, like……….walking on water for instance, we would all dismiss it because we could probably find some digitally enhanced video on youtube of some dude doing the exact same thing. Our ability to create has become so great that we can explain away miracles as science or innovation rather than supernatural. 

Our faith was built on miracles, signs, and wonders. Today, though, you rarely hear of any. Just two days ago I saw a news story on Benny Hinn in which the media outlet eluded to a “claim” that Hinn made that someone at one of his meetings was raised from the dead. The culture seems to become more and more skeptical of God’s miraculous power with each new “app” that is invented. Why would anyone believe that without any technology, lighting, or iphone amazing things can happen? We need to believe God again for miracles from His hand. The world needs to know that without any help from us, our God can still part the seas and raise the dead. There is no app that compares to Jehovah!