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It’s Not Too Much To Ask « Corey Evan | Worship Leader


It’s Not Too Much To Ask

The Bible says in Romans 12:1 that we should offer our bodies as living sacrifices to God. It then goes on to say that such an offering is our “reasonable” service. The NIV calls this sacrifice our “spiritual act of worship”. It’s interesting to note the association between worship and sacrifice found throughout the Bible. Today it seems that worship has become about the performers or the song more so than the sacrifice.

One of the first places we see worship mentioned in the Bible is when Abraham is telling his servants where he and his son are going, and what they would be doing. Abraham told his servants that he and his son were going to “worship”. That’s a funny notion in the context of what we call worship today. He didn’t take an instrument or a group of singers. He didn’t take any incense to burn. All he had was material to build an altar, a knife, and someone of great value to him, his son.

Abraham described his intention to sacrifice his only son to God as worship. He believed that obeying God and sacrificing his only son was an act of true worship. I believe Abraham was right. I believe that true worship should be costly. God’s presence is freely accessible to all of us, but it’s certainly not cheap. The access we now have cost Jesus a gruesome death on the cross, and I think that it’s not too much to ask of us to offer our lives to Him as our “reasonable” act of worship.

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  • Ryan Leak


    As I've gone through the book of Genesis I've noticed the power of people creating monuments for God and calling them ALTARS. It's interesting to me that worship for Abraham was simply him bringing the materials to monument what God was going to do for him. He planned on God doing something amazing. Perhaps that's worship? I never thought of that before Corey Evan.