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Gotta Fight For Your Rights??? « Corey Evan | Worship Leader


Gotta Fight For Your Rights???

I don’t actually remember who sings it or what the exact lyrics of the song are, but I can hear the phrase “You gotta fight for your right to party”. I also remember the classic “Get up, stand up….. stand up for your rights”. We’ve had movements that fought for the rights of ethnic groups, animals, gender, ect. We are a nation that has always fought for our rights to do or have something. I’m thankful that certain rights were fought for and won. Some “right fights” are certainly necessary, however I find it interesting that the Bible tells us that Jesus didn’t fight for His.

The Bible tells us in Ephesians chapter 3 that Jesus laid down his right to be equal with God in order to take on the form of a human being. He did that to save humanity. Ironically, the greatest right ever granted, the right to access God’s presence, was gained not by a fight for rights, but by Jesus surrendering His. Can you imagine what the conversation would be like if God asked any of us to give up our seat in heaven and go to earth to die for a group of people who actually deserved their fate? We have a hard enough time allowing people in front of us on the highway.

Sometimes love dictates that we give up what is rightfully ours in order to help the people around us become better. Sometimes it means letting go of some feelings we might have on an issue, or giving up the idea that we’re right in a conflict. Ultimately our rights aren’t nearly as important as ensuring that people we care about are taken care of. Giving up our rights for someone else certainly doesn’t feel good, and no one could blame us for maintaining or fighting for our rights. Jesus had every right to stay in his seat in heaven and let us fend for ourselves. Aren’t you glad He didn’t?